Handling operations

Kazan river port is a major thoroughfare of river, rail and road transport, located on the banks of the Volga river, within the Kazan city. JSC "Tatflot" shipping company has an extensive experience in the organization of general cargo handling, transshipment of technical equipment and containers. There are 9 atomized berths and gantry cranes with lifting capacity of 5 to 16 tons that are capable to daily process 34,3 thousand tons of cargos and 1300 containers accordingly. The railway siding nearby makes it easier to handle the cargo from the ship to the train, and vice versa. Floating 5 and 16 –ton cranes and hydrounloaders are used for cargo processing as well.

The port has cargo area for the storage of piece goods and bulk cargoes, containers, there are warehouses for temporary and long term storage of goods.

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