Sightseeing and pleasure trips

"Devyatayev Hero" Passenger motorship-catamaran
Its capacity is 120 to 300 people.
General information: Rent is a great opportunity to celebrate big events (like birthday, wedding, banquet, school graduation). It has a unique large open deck among ships of this class. If the weather is bad, there is a large, cosy indoor hall. The ship is equipped with the necessary sound and light equipment, and provides carrying out discos on the shipboard.
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"OM" Excursion motorship
Its capacity is 100 to 165 people.
General information:The motorships of this kind are used for passenger transportation along the rivers, where one - way sail takes up to four hours. A convenient structural design of the transport provides an excellent view and a high level of comfort for the passengers. The facilities of that ship provide carrying out corporate parties, excursions, anniversaries and weddings.
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"Admiral" excursion motorship
Its capacity is 120 to 150 people.
General information: This excursion ship is considered to be the biggest one. It provides carrying out banquets, stand-up parties, discos, school graduation ceremonies, and other events with a large number of guests.
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"Moscow" excursion ship
Its capacity is 70 to 120 people.
General information: That ship is intended for passenger transportation. It is available for corporate parties, pleasure trips, anniversaries, weddings.
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