Mining and transportation of Industrial materials

PLC "Tatflot" shipping company is the biggest consumer of non metal materials in our Republic. The extraction is performed from the fluvial minefields in Kuibyshev and Nizhnekamsk reservoirs within the territory of two shipping companies - in Volga and Kama regions. A huge experience of mining has been improved for almost 50 years, there is a qualified personnel, necessary mining equipment: suction-tube dredges like "Prague", "PZS", "PCHS", "LS", and serving and transport fleet.

Currently, there is an increase of non-metal extraction, of its following freight transportation, supply in other regions in order to meet interests of the road-building industry of the Republic of Tatarstan. JSC "Tatflot” shipping company has a powerful freight fleet, that includes towages, dry cargo carriers, bunker barges, self-moving ferries, self-moving towages, oil tanks, ice-breaking ships, self-moving cleaning stations and others.

The Volga and Kama rivers of the Tatarstan Republic have a common waterway net. The waterway from Kazan goes:

South - through Volgograd, Astrakhan, Rostov-Na-Donu, the Caspian, the Azov and the Black Seas;
West – to Nizhney Novgorod, Moskow, Saint Petersburg, and then to the north-west regions of Russia and the Baltic Sea;
East - to Ufa and Perm. There is a possibility of a direct delivery of goods from Kazan port to the ports of the Dunay river by ships of the "river-sea" type.

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