Implementation and processing of industrial materials

"Non-metal materials" Production Association (NMPA) is one of the few Tatarstan enterprises, that manufactures products, meeting national and state standards. Nowadays the Production Association has the largest capacity of processing of Non-Metal building materials in the region, it provides a considerable quantity of qualitative products after their sorting and fragmentation. The following activities are held in the Production Association, these are: sorting of the sand and gravel mixture (according to the size of the materials) and gravel fragmentation.

The materials are delivered by barges from minefields of Nizhnekamsk reservoir and fluvial reservoirs of the Volga and Kama rivers.

Barges with the enriched sand and gravel mixture (ESGM) are unloaded by floating cranes.

The floating cranes or bulldozers move the original materials to the gravel sorting equipment, where the fragmentation of sand and gravel is performed. 

Hydro unloaders discharge barges with the river sand at the shoreline, to raise the beach.

The technical processes are seasonal, while the delivery of final products to consumers is year-round.

Commercial Department:

Tel.: 8 (843) 233-09-03,  8 (843) 233-09-32

Fax: 8 (843) 233-09-32


Quality certificate for unsorted sand and gravel mixture

Quality certificate for unsorted sand

Quality certificate for enriched sand and gravel mixture

Quality certificate for sand used in a construction work

Quality certificate for gravel

Quality certificate for fragmentized gravel