Sviyazhsk multimodal logistics center (SMMLC)

The construction of such a huge project as Sviyazhsk interregional multimodal logistics centre is bound up with the great plans for the development of the whole transport system in the future, including the water one. Sviyazhsk interregional multimodal logistics centre, located at the crossroads of international transport corridors: "North-South" and "West-East", having access to Federal water, rail, and road highways, can become a core of the transport and logistics system of freight traffic activity in the Volga region. Russia's entry into WTO can provide the terminal become a major transshipment point of export and import of goods to all parts of the Volga region, and a key river port of cargo transportation along the international transport corridors. In addition, participation in the organization of cargo transportation through the international transport corridors can satisfy one of the basic requirements of internal and external consumers that consists in minimizing the costs for the delivery of goods according to the principle "from the door to the door. The construction of multimodal logistics centre is of a strategic importance for the future development of PLC "Tatflot" shipping company, for the formation of us as a major interregional carrier.