Council of Veterans

"Tatflot" shipping company’s veterans are our pride and glory!

You can meet these people all around the Volga and Kama region, there are more than 800 veterans – in Kazan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Chistopol, Chkalovsk, Zvenigovo, Kamskoye Ustiye, Bolgar, Kuybishev Zaton and many others.

"Tatflot’s" council of veterans, has been working since 1970s, is now an active participant in the social life. Veterans consult youth – they meet with school children, students of the river transport institute, share their experience and talk about their glory profession.

Together with the administration of the enterprise, council of veterans take care of their colleagues: they provide a financial support on special holidays like the Victory Day, the Elders’ Day, and Professional holiday for the river transport workers, they also support the lower-income families, the destitute, congratulate them and organize different celebrating events.

Our veterans contributed in the history of the Kazan river port. That is why our sacred duty is to take care of them.