Health care

The company has an office of labour protection, equipped with posters and other visual aids, where regularly trainings on Labour Protection requirements are hold, there is a 40-hours training assigned for managers who have just started their work and the leading specialists of the enterprise, for captains of the fleet, and those workers doing their job at a high risk and under harmful conditions. All employees are provided with the necessary personal protective equipment. In order to make sure employees get Additional social guarantees and appropriate labour facilities, "Tatflot" public corporation has its own ambulatory. The company employees have the opportunity to consult a therapist, to get an emergency or planned dental treatment, necessary therapy in a (medical) treatment room, to get a cardiogram, etc. The enterprise covers all the expenses on medical inspection, seasonal flu vaccination, some additional medical examinations that offer a worker to consult necessary doctors and undergo series of expensive tests. The ambulatory workers take some measures for working conditions improving, for prevention, detection and decreasing the events of injuries at work. The ambulatory also corrects and makes the list of workers who have to be examined and treated in an appropriate way according to concrete and necessary rehabilitation programme. Together with the social insurance committee and Trade Union Organization, they carry out such rehabilitation programmes like spa treatment that gives a strong effect and helps to reduce relapse of chronic diseases. "Tatflot" public corporation considers healthcare as a necessary factor for successful functioning of the enterprise.