Labor protection and accident prevention

Except solving production issues, the staff actively participates in sports events organized by the same Organization and the administration. Our glorious enterprise has to flourish – it is a common responsibility for both managers and employees! The rehabilitation process, as well as the improvement of the working conditions in "Tatflot" corporation are coordinated by the appropriate Plan that has been developed and approved for these cases, there is a three-stage safety standard; industrial sanitation and labour protection are taken under control, the enterprise also provides regular briefings, training, etc. According to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, to the Federal Law 52-FL on "Sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population" and other normative-technical documentation and standards, the enterprise has decreed "An expanded System Administration of Protection of Labour' (SAPL). There is a central commission providing tests on knowledge of safety rules for both managers and technical office workers, each subdivision has its own commission regularly testing the workers on their knowledge of Labour Protection requirements. The company has an office of labour protection, equipped with posters and other visual aids, where regularly trainings on Labour Protection requirements are hold, there is a 40-hours training assigned for managers who have just started their work and the leading specialists of the enterprise, for captains of the fleet, and those workers doing their job at a high risk and under harmful conditions. All employees are provided with the necessary personal protective equipment.