Social responsibility

"Tatflot" company considers staff development as a priority-driven, as long as the staff is, undoubtedly, the greatest pride. Even the appropriate technical and financial support does not make sure the successful task completion without qualified personnel. Due to our staff, their knowledge and the attachment to the job, we achieve high results even under complicated conditeions.

Positive processes in the social sphere is largely associated with the development of social partnership. Today the enterprise uses a collective contract, which is the most important document in the system of social partnership. The collective contract itself is a clear indication of the fact that employees’ interests are being concerned, and they are cared. Thre is a public organization called – Trade Union Organization, that is always ready to help in giving some advice, creation of conditions ensuring following loyalty, and guaranteed employment and social rights of workers.

Except solving production issues, the staff actively participates in sports events organized by the same Organization and the administration.

Our glorious enterprise has to flourish – it is a common responsibility for both managers and employees!