Our projects

The riverside station and the dock construction (the Tatarstan Republic, Sviyazhsk)

"Tatflot" shipping company actively participates in the construction of the riverside station system that has a moorage wall for passenger and cruising ships, a well equipped riverside square with bus and car parking spaces for tourists and the riverside station’s building itself.

Two-storeyed construction has been built in a traditional style, from the same materials typical to those buildings of Sviyazhsk. There is a waiting room inside the riverside station, a café, a motel and the room with some museum expositions, devoted to the island city.

The reconstruction work on the Lenin dam and on the bridge through the Kazanka river

"Tatflot" shipping company has actively participated in a huge reconstruction process of the essential means for river crossing, these means are the Lenin dam and The Kremlin bridge.

International multimodal logistics centre of Sviyazhsk

Since 2010 the shipping company has become a general contractor of the federal project – creation of an International multimodal logistics centre of Sviyazhsk, the biggest logistic centre of the federal significance (the Tatarstan Republic). The project has been included into the Federal target programme (FTP) on "Modernization of Russian transport system for 2006-2010" and the Federal target programme on "the Development of Russian transport system for 2010-2015". The centre includes a rail-road terminal with warehouses and some container platforms, the river port with a water-car terminal, railroad approach lines and a highway, cargo handling areas, and other facilities.

River station as a Museum (Bulgar town, the Tatarstan Republic)

One of the most important construction sites, built with the participation of the PLC "Tatflot" shipping company is undoubtedly, the river port in Bulgar , which is a part of a museum, located near the Bulgar settlement, on a front of the Volga river. The main purpose of the site is giving tourists, arriving by river transport, a warm reception and lifting them on the upper terrace.

The internal structure of the complex includes rooms with the station function and elevators, connecting with the Museum exhibits, describing the history and culture of the Bulgar town. The architecture reflects the traditional Bulgar culture.

Football stadium with the capacity of 45 thousand seats (Kazan, Chistopolskaya str.)

The construction of one of the major facilities, a football stadium with a seating capacity of 45,000 people, was also assisted by "Tatflot shipping company" corporation. The 2013 Summer Universiade opening and closing ceremonies were held in that stadium. The stadium was built for football competitions and special events of national and international level, such as the FIFA world Cup of 2018.

The Aquatics Palace (Kazan, Chistopolskaya str.)

"Tatflot" shipping company has also contributed to the construction of the Aquatics Palace, located on Chistopolskaya street, that is nowadays considered as one of the best sports venues in Kazan.

The capacity of the venue is 4,200 seats. The building consists of 3 pools, two of them are 50m long, the latter is a diving pool.

Swimming Championships, water polo, diving (synchronized diving) tournaments, synchronized swimming championships are held in that sports venue.

Rowing Center (Kazan, the bank of Lake Middle Kaban)

The construction of the Rowing Centre was finished in June, 2011, with the contribution of "Tatflot". There is an array of facilities erected in the territory of the Rowing Centre (174 307 sq m) including spectators' stands, with the capacity of more than 1,200 seats, the finishing point, sheds, workshops, 12 boathouses for their storage and repair, kayaks, canoes, referees’ catamarans and motorboats. There are two rowing pools as well (for the academic rowing and canoeing), specially equipped gym, an administrative building, locker rooms, trainer’s, drying rooms, rooms for household equipment.

The Russia’s former president, Dmitry Medvedev came to the opening ceremony of the Rowing Centre. Rowing, canoeing and kayaking were contested at the 2013 Summer Universiade in a new rowing complex.

One of the medal events of the FINA World Championships – open water swimming competition – will also take place in the Rowing Centre in 2015.