Chistopolsky passenger port (CPP)

The provided activities are as follows:

1. Sale and delivery (city, suburb, district) of non-metallic construction materials (river sand, enriched sand-gravel mixture , plain sand and gravel. You can get the detailed information by telephone call:
8 (84342) 4-35-91.

2. Passenger transportation is provided in the following directions: Chistopol-Yar-Tarasovo-Bersut- Sukhoy Bersut.

3. Cargo handling services.

4. Loading and unloading of various cargoes (river sand, sand-gravel mixture, plain sand, rubble, scrap metal, wood and other freights).

5. Comprehensive supply of the fleet: Parking of passenger ships, receive of waste oils, household sewage, food waste and garbage, anchorage, radio and compass maintenance support.

6. The ships’ hull maintenance support (afloat); metal lifting devices’ repair; fault detection, mechanical and electro- mechanical material maintenance; extensive repairs of ships’ engines; engines’ thermal control; examining, control of emissions of harmful substances, smoke, with the following registration of the data; checking-up the individual rescue equipment.

7. Radiotechnics, navigation equipment installation work, its maintenance and the following testing with completing the appropriate documents; elaboration of the technical documentation for installing communication facilities and other electronic devices on a ship.

Address: 422984, Republic of Tatarstan, Chistopol, 18 B Guskova street
Tel.: 8 (84342) 4-37-41 — reception (с 8°° до 17°°)
8 (84342) 4-31-67 — fax
8 (84342) 4-35-41 — dispatching office (round the clock)

Branch office manager Klykov Vladimir Vasilievich